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"The essence of living"...
The first Hotel à Parfum of quintessential Italian excellence comes to light

The first Hotel à Parfum of quintessential Italian excellence comes to light

Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano

“The Essence of Living”… hospitality on the same premises as our old perfume factory.

The “Hotel à Parfum” was established to express Italian excellence and to offer its guests a unique sensory experience.

With its trees, flowers, fruits and a hidden garden to delight the senses,  this is a magical place all to be discovered on the quiet Via Forcella, in the Tortona district of Milan.

Its symbol is a tree. The tree of life. A tree deeply rooted in history.

“The Essence of Living”

The essence of a true and memorable experience in a unique environment.

An essence like a Scent, a Garden, and the Breath of Life.

“Magna Pars: the force within us that guides us through life and determines our most important choices…”

Our Suites
Each Suite decorated in subtle colors has refined lighting, brushed oak wood plank floors, leather sofas and chairs, glass tables, a bookcase with a small private collection, and refined paintings inspired by the olfactory elements that give each Suite its name and character. The sixty…

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Magna Pars Event Space, established in 1991, is located on the ground floor of an early twentieth-century building at Via Tortona 15, Milan. Now, thanks to Magna Pars l'Hotel à Parfum, it has been renovated and greatly improved. The structure, originally the premises of the…

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  Executive Chef at Restaurant DA NOI IN Via Forcella 6, offers a modern creative cuisine thanks to high quality ingredients. Scents and aromas are combined with skill and verve,…
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Enchanting and impressing visitors with its heritage, this fascinating place is a dream that interprets a prestigious past composed of emotions, talent, and artisan savoir-faire. The architecture of the Laboratory reflects creative yet rigorous design. An elegant wood cabinet inspired by the memorable pharmaceutical laboratory of Marvin, the historic cosmetic…

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