Home Fragrances

The Thirty-nine Home Fragrances were created by world-famous Noses who are the stars of the international perfume industry. These experts love perfume as much as sisters Ambra and Giorgia Martone, the creators of this collection that was launched in 2013 with the Hotel and now has its own Laboratory.

Each Essence is distinguished by a number – the Suite number – and by the corresponding olfactive ingredient.

Nine Suites are dedicated to aromatic woods, such as 7 Sandalwood, 8 Patchouli, 9 Vetiver, and 18 Rosewood.

Nineteen Suites are inspired by floral shrubs and trees, such as 20 Gardenia, 21 Jasmine, 23 Neroli, and 33 Magnolia.

Eleven Suites are dedicated to fruit trees, such as 101 Bergamot, 204 Medlar, 303 Cherry, and 202 Fig.

Sixteen of the Thirty-nine Essences were chosen for artisan scented candles entirely made by hand that release their exhilarating fragrances to warm the ambiance.

The LabSolue line is composed of diffuser bottles with natural untreated bamboo reeds in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml formats and 200 g candles.

Besides their emphasis on the values of high quality and artisan workmanship, the Martone sisters also sought to affirm a sustainable model of luxury by promoting the Refill and Reuse concepts. Refill: People who love the fragrance can buy the refill of their favorite Essence to fill their diffuser bottle. Reuse: The home fragrance diffuser bottles and candle jars were designed to be reused as original flower vases.

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