The Marvin Aqua Adornationis line, especially created by Giorgia Martone in 2007 for the Magna Pars Suites Milano Amenities kit, is now on display and sold at LabSolue.

Aqua Adornationis formulas have been carefully studied and selected based on their quality and their olfactory value and are inspired by mysterious birth dates.

The Aqua Adornationis line is an olfactive library in continuous evolution and, as such, will add other precious dates in the future.

The first volume “1947” is a Woody Aquatic Floral scent.

The line, sold in bottles that replicate the shape of Marvin products, is composed of Toilette Water 120 ml, Bath Gel, Body Lotion, and Liquid Hand Soap in the 200 ml format.

Price List available on request.

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